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CHAIR MASSAGE is an on-site seated massage therapy that provides a special “perk” to the work environment.  Job stress-related problems cost companies an estimated three hundred billion dollars annually.  Reducing stress decreases job absenteeism and increases job satisfaction and productivity.

MEDICAL MASSAGE is a term used that qualifies treatment as medically necessary.  Treatment for the relief of chronic pain due to headache, fibromyalgia, sciatica or post-injury/post-surgical trauma is often indicated.  A prescription from your physician may be needed for your treatment. We are BlueCross BlueShield providers and also serve P.I.P. auto accidents. During therapy, specific techniques are applied such as neuromuscular, lymphatic drainage, range of motion and trigger point therapies, etc. in order to reach maximum healing potential.

REFLEXOLOGY is applied by the thumbs and fingers to the nerve endings on the hands and feet.  Located there are reflex points corresponding to the glands, organs and anatomical structure of the body.  By releasing pain or tension and increasing relaxation, homeostasis is restored.

HOT STONE MASSAGE is an exceptionally nurturing form of bodywork.  In this treatment, stones of varying size and weight are placed along body contour areas.  You are then massaged with warmed, well-oiled stones from head to toe.  Cold stones may be used to reduce inflammation in localized areas.

SWEDISH MASSAGE soothes tired or sore muscles while it increases circulation and assists the body to detoxify and release stress.  This therapy calms and relaxes and is the massage form of choice when used in conjunction with aromatherapy.


BODY WRAPS relax the body and clear the mind.  Pure essential oils and herbal teas are applied to the body after an exfoliating treatment.  The body is then wrapped in heat-trapping Mylar and warm blankets to promote elimination of toxins through perspiration.

DRY SKIN BRUSHING stimulates the circulatory system, removes dead skin cells, opens pores and increases lymphatic drainage.  Your skin feels alive and young again.  This treatment is often recommended to precede other spa treatments, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

FACIALS deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin with pure botanical facial nutrients, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, protein, minerals and trace elements. Women and men of all ages appreciate the effective care that facials provide.  The key steps to radiant skin are to cleanse, exfoliate, repair, hydrate and protect.

MICRO-BUFF BODY POLISH refines your skin’s roughest and flakiest areas without irritation.  Reveal a silken complexion with this luxurious body polish.  A creamy blend of micronized buffing beads, loofah and oils of apricot, avocado and peach gently exfoliate the skin leaving a radiant sheen.

SEAWEED BODY MUD MASK detoxifies and mineralizes the entire system by using a pure seaweed body mud.  This potent mixture of seaweed, pure marine algae, green clay and essential oils submerges the body in pure active marine minerals to stimulate, moisturize and firm.  This treatment helps to balance and restore proper hydration and prevent future skin damage.

THAI HERBAL BALL EXPERIENCE this ancient art has been used as a traditional treatment in Thailand for centuries, and was the pampering treatment of Thai royalty. It is known to relieve physical ailments such as aches, pains, and stiff muscles. A combination of Traditional Thai Massage and Swedish Massage is employed. The traditional herbal Thai poultice is an aromatic hot treatment, applied along Sen Lines and accupressure points to bring about the integration of body, mind, and spirit, gently leading one into a state of peace.


Abhyanga Massage : This stylized massage addresses your specific "Dosha". Doshas' govern mental as well as physical functions. The term " Dosha", reflects the elemental patterns in the space between mind and matter. Dosha literally means impurity. Cleansing and balancing is the predominant focus in this massage

Vata, Pitta,, and Kapha are the foundational categories that comprise 10 main Dosha types.

Vatas' essence is prana; the life force or moving pulse. "That which moves things"

Pittas' essence is tejas; radiant transformational energy. "That which digests things"

Kaphas' essence is ojas; cohesive force. "That which holds things together"

Through an Ayurvedic consultation; your Dosha Type will be determined. Then specific carrier oils, essential oils, and massage movements are applied in this treatment. The benefits of Abhyyanga Massage are informative, balancing, and restorative.

Ayurveda Marma - Point and Kansa Wand Facial : Ayurveda texts reveal that Marma- Points are similar to Chinese Acupuncture Points, found deeper in the body. One of the ancient secrets for retaining beauty and youth is keeping these points clear. A combination of this specialized massage is applied to the scalp, face, neck, and décolletage areas. Products that are specifically Dosha oriented are also utilized throughout the facial. The session is completed with the Kansa Wand Massage. A Kansa Wand is a dome shaped tool made from a sacred bronze metal alloy. In India it is known as a Healing Metal; a blend of very high quality pure copper, tin, and zinc. It harmonizes the Chakras and Meridians through its' high electrical conductivity. Kansa Wand remarkably reawakens the beauty of your skin; by reducing stress, inflammation, wrinkles; and toning flaccid skin.

Shirodara: Often called "Heavenly Head", Shirodara focuses on the relaxed meditative aspect: bringing body and mind back into equilibrium. Following a Marma - Point head massage a slow, continual stream of warmed oil flow soothingly from a copper bowl over the Third Eye area ( the center of the forehead). Shiodara , melts away tension, worry, and stress. Shirodara , soothes the senses and encourages a blissful state of mind. This treatment benefits result in an improved neuro-muscular function , and a strengthened immune system. It is recommended to treat stress, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia.

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